Secure An Outstanding Letter Of Recommendation

International Students Getting Letters of Recommendation

When applying to college, you may be asked to submit a recommendation letter from a teacher or another person who is familiar with your abilities. In some cases, the best person to write this letter might not be a native English speaker, and that person might be unfamiliar with letters of recommendation for US colleges.

To ensure that your application includes the best letter of recommendation possible, our admissions experts can help you describe your experiences and abilities to the person who will be recommending you. Then we will guide them in making their letter of recommendation as effective as it can be.

Note: Our recommendation letter service is only available for international students whose recommender is a non-native English speaker.

Step 1. Our expert writers meet 1-on-1 with you via Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp to discuss and summarize your skills, goals, and academic profile. 

Step 2. We will contact your recommender by email, guide them on writing a college letter of recommendation, and then help them strengthen the letter with two rounds of edits and feedback.

$300/letter of recommendation.

How It Works

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