Student Testimonials

"Academica’s counseling was key to getting accepted first in Biology, then Medicine. I could not be happier and proud of my family and myself! The weekly one-on-one meetings kept me focused and on top of my applications. I worked with Isabella and she was fantastic, very professional and knowledgeable, and always pushing my application documents to an entirely new level. Importantly, I learned that a strong application doesn’t only get you into college: It also helps you to pay for college because you get better offers and stronger financial aid packages."
Silvia A.
"My dream was to get into a top-10 computer science program. And I did it! But I could not have done it alone. To do that, anyone, no matter whom, needs help. And a lot of it! In my case, that support had a name: Academica. They helped me put together highly-competitive, top-notch application packages. With these I had my pick from other top universities and got to make the right choice. I highly recommend Academica to anyone looking for their choice college."
Oscar B.
"I owe what I achieved to Amy's and Benjamin's support, who engaged in an excellent teamwork. They supported me on every detail of my application packages. They were very resourceful, and always thinking about new ideas on how they could help me improve my chances of admission to an Electrical Engineering program. They also showed a profound knowledge about the universities and what they are looking for. I feel so lucky I found Academica."
Jairo C.
"I am very grateful with Academica Institute. I've worked with them twice. With their guidance I was accepted in a Neuroscience PhD program. There are many aspects of the application process that aren't obvious, packed with unimaginable details. Academica made the process much easier and clear. I highly recommend their services. The impact that Academica has had in my professional career is very positive. Thank you!"
Alejandro P.
"With the support of Academica I was accepted to study Psychology. Later, for my graduate studies, I worked again with them and got accepted by my dream program in Occupational Therapy. I was also awarded excellent financial aid packages, with grants and scholarships. I am very thankful to Academica’s counselors, and I am sure that working with them was one of the most important decisions my family and I have ever made."
Natalia A.
"Academica took my application materials to a whole new level. Their editing services and their advice are outstanding. Academica's counselors are very professional and they are passionate about supporting students to achieve their goals. They helped me to get accepted in a master's degree in Modern Languages and Literature and to receive the necessary financial aid I needed to pay for my education. I truly had an extraordinary experience with Academica."
Carolina J.